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Cake Sizes and Prices

Listed below are starting prices for typical cake sizes. These estimates represent the price for a basic iced cake. Any additional design/customization will add to the cost.

Individual tiers are typically about 5" tall and contains 4 layers of cake.

Please know that the final price for your order will depend on cake design, decor elements, and tax (9%) 

Single Tiered Cakes

5" Cake (8 Servings)  $65

6" Cake (12 Servings)   $85

8" Cake (24 Servings)  $105

9" Cake (30 Servings)   $120

Tall versions of each cake are available and add $10 to the base price.

Single Number Cake (15-20 Servings) $90

Double Number Cakes (30-35 servings) $160

Number cakes include chocolates and berries. Macaroons and flowers can be added for an additional fee.

Multi-Tiered Cakes

6", 8" Cake (36 Servings)   $200

6", 9" Cake (42 Servings)  $215

6" tall, 9" tall Cake (50 Servings)   $225


Please contact us for prices on larger cakes.


1 dozen cupcakes   $25

Order minimum of 2 dozen.

Prices listed reflect estimates. Final price quote will depend on cake design, decor elements, and tax (9%) added at the end.

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